About Reviews

About our survey

Kaiser Permanente Northwest measures all facets of patient satisfaction. The feedback provided by our patients serves as an invaluable tool in our quest to continually improve upon the services we offer to our members. Our survey is administered by industry leading independent survey vendor Press Ganey Associates, Inc. With over 10,000 client organizations nationwide, Press Ganey is recognized as being at the forefront of bringing scientific rigor and understanding to the patient satisfaction industry.

Who receives the survey?

A random sample of all medical office visits within primary care, specialty care, mental health, urgent care, and emergency medicine are selected each week to receive a survey. With a few exceptions, each patient is eligible to receive one (1) survey every ninety (90) days. We utilize a mixed mode surveying approach, which means patients may receive a paper copy of our survey in the mail, or an electronic survey accessible by email.

Where do the ratings come from?

The survey contains thirty-nine (39) total questions divided into several different categories, including a section for open-ended comments. Each question asks our patients to rate their experience on a five point scale, with one (1) being “Very Poor” and five (5) being “Very Good.” Our physician star ratings are compiled from the ‘Care Provider’ section of the survey, which includes the following 10 questions:

Do you post all comments?

We are committed to posting both positive and negative feedback. However, we do not post comments that are libelous, profane, or those that may risk the privacy of our patients. Based on these guidelines, about 97% of all comments about our physicians will be posted. This physician-specific commentary will be posted in its entirety once a provider has received a minimum of five surveys with comments. 

Why don’t I see a rating or comments for every physician?

In order to ensure an accurate and reliable rating, a physician must have a minimum of thirty (30) returned surveys before a star rating is compiled and displayed on our website. Thus, some of our newly hired physicians or those who see a majority of their patients in the hospital setting might not have a rating displayed. Additionally, physicians must have a minimum of five comments before they will be posted on the website. Again, this is to ensure comments present an accurate and reliable picture of our providers.

How many patients respond to these surveys?

Each year about 20% of our surveyed patients return a survey, which corresponds to 101,000 patients providing feedback about their experience on an annual basis.