At Kaiser Permanente Northwest, our Cardiology department provides a wide range of clinical and procedural expertise. We have physicians with board certifications in cardiovascular medicine, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, advanced heart failure, and endovascular medicine. The breadth of care we provide extends from routine treadmill screening to a multidisciplinary team that is successfully managing patients with severe congestive heart failure requiring Ventricular Assist Devices and heart transplant. We have a robust electrophysiology department that provides diagnostic evaluation of arrhythmias, cardiac ablation therapy, and the implantation and management of cardiac defibrillators. We have an endovascular medicine program implanting percutaneous Aortic Valves (TAVI) and we are expanding our capabilities to include closure of cardiac defects and mitral valve therapy. Finally, our interventional cardiologists are very active with coronary stenting for the relief of angina pectoris, and provide 24/7 emergent care for the treatment of heart attacks. Virtually the entire spectrum of your cardiac care can be found at Kaiser Permanente.