Hematology and Oncology

If you have cancer, you are still in control of your life and have choices about your care. At Kaiser Permanente Northwest Comprehensive Cancer Services, our expert doctors and responsive care teams can help you make choices about your care that are right for you and your family. We have 12 excellent board-certified Oncologists/Hematologists and two Oncology/Hematology nurse practitioners who specialize in specific disease types including leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and benign hematological conditions. We also have our solid tumor team who specialize in tumors such as breast, lung, or gastrointestinal. All of our physicians are able to provide the care our patients need and everyone has access to the same resources and knowledge; however, we believe that it is important to have leaders for each disease type. Our physicians collaborate regionally and they also participate in regular education conferences, quality reviews, and standard Tumor Board Conferences.

We have a comprehensive multidisciplinary care team consisting of nurses, pharmacists, navigators, counselors, dieticians, care coordinators, and medical assistants on our staff providing compassionate and skillful care. Our clinician team sees patients for consultation, follow-up, and recommend treatment options.

Our patient-centered care teams guide our patients through every step of their care journey. These teams include a primary medical oncologist/hematologist, a registered nurse care manager, a triage nurse, infusion nurse, a medical assistant, and a pharmacist. Our exceptional Nurse Navigator Patient Program provides individualized cancer care navigation to patients, families, and caregivers. The nurses provide helpful education and resources to facilitate informed decision making and timely access to health and psychosocial care throughout all phases of a patients care continuum. Our oncology pharmacist plays an integral part of patient care and safety, working hand-in-hand with both doctors and nurses to ensure patients are receiving optimal therapy with minimal side effects. Our Adult Infusion Centers administer chemotherapy, blood transfusions, fluid hydration, and many other types of treatments for patients. We have transformed our chemotherapy administration into a paperless electronic process to support a high level of safety and efficient care delivery system for our patients.

Please visit our cancer care website to utilize additional detailed information about our comprehensive oncology services at www.kpnwcancercare.org. We are committed to caring for the whole you—body, mind, and spirit—at every point in your treatment journey.