The Pediatric Department at Kaiser Permanente Northwest provides the highest quality medical care for kids with a personal touch. This starts in the prenatal period with our Thriving Families model of care, in which our pediatric clinicians work closely with our OB/GYN clinicians to provide seamless care throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. Our board-certified outpatient pediatricians are available to meet with families before the birth to ensure each member’s needs are met. After birth, babies are cared for in the nursery by one of our nursery pediatricians, then babies are matched with an outpatient pediatrician before leaving the hospital. That pediatrician will provide primary medical care infancy through the late teen years!

The long-term relationships that are fostered between families and their pediatricians are both essential and cherished. We believe deeply in the best preventative care for our pediatric patients and follow recommendations outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We also provides pediatric specialty care in many areas. Our integrated system facilitates care between our own KPNW inpatient/outpatient pediatric specialists, who streamline care between the general pediatricians and the pediatric specialists. Kaiser Permanente partners with Doernbecher Children's Hospital for children who require hospitalization or surgery. These children are cared for by a team at Doernbecher Children's Hospital which is directly supervised by a Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Hospitalist. We pride ourselves in being the premier pediatric group in the Portland Metro area by achieving top marks in the quality and service of care that we provide.